DJ Shanell

Since I was a child, I’ve had a deep love of music. At first it was Michael Jackson and Soul and R&B such as Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Musiq Soul Child, and Maxwell. I began listening to Jazzy Hiphop, RnB bands after discovering Vibe, and later Techhouse and House from the clubs in Itaewon. I was a resident DJ at the Gangnam Club ‘Boutique’, playing Electro, for two years. Based on numerous festivals such as “Steal” “Pentaport” “Jisan Rock Festival” “UMF”, and many overseas performances, I focused on the unique songs of underground artists from 1990-2000, developing a fresh vibe by combining Techno, Techhouse, Electrohouse, and BreakBeat with acid and other, more unique tunes. I’ve been working as a DJ since the end of 2008.

Why Dharma Fragments?

Wonil’s Zen was my first look at the new dharma emerging in the West. It isn’t an archaic form from Korea’s distant past, but something fresh and alive, and relevant. His work, his writing, his music—is enigmatic, personal. I can feel the subtropics of his native Louisiana. Everything has this heat, as if ready to combust. It’s his Dharma. His approach, the fear, darkness, sorrow we all endure, with him it becomes poetry, Dharma Fragments.

I want to tell how our sacred teachings are being transformed through Wonil’s story, his struggle to reveal something important, something beautiful. I want to reveal his inner world.